What is Kombucha?
Kombucha is a fermented drink that is made from tea, sugar and a SCOBY. The sugar and caffeine is consumed in the fermentation process so there is very little sugar left in the final drink. A SCOBY is an acronym for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.
How is it made? What is the brewing process?
Kombucha is brewed/fermented over a course of 7-31 days. The final product is naturally carbonated making this a fizzy and tasty drink.
Where does Good Earth Kombucha come from?
Good Earth Kombucha is made in Melbourne, Australia,
Where do you source your ingredients?
Our ingredients are sourced from both Australia and overseas.
Who certified the product organic?
The ACO – Australian Certified Organic
Why can the product be stored ambient?
Our manufacturing process includes pasteurization, to ensure that the fermentation process does not continue and the alcohol level is stable.
What are the floaty bits? Can I drink them?
The floaty bits are bits of the culture that come from the Kombucha fermentation process. There is also pulp from the real organic Juice that we use for the flavour of the products and yes you can drink them –we think they are the best part!
Why do you add carbonated water, I thought Kombucha was naturally fizzy?
We use carbonated water instead of a secondary fermentation process to ensure control of the alcohol content and it helps provide a consistently high quality finished product.
Where can I buy?
Check out our store locator to find your nearest outlet.
Do you use real fruit juice?
Yes, we use real organic fruit juice.
Is there alcohol in this product
Yes, the fermentation process naturally produces alcohol at a very low level, less than .05ml per 100ml however our manufacturing process guarantees this product does not continue to ferment and that the alcohol level is stable.
Is there caffeine in this product – how much per serve?
Kombucha products may contain very low levels of caffeine as they are derived from fermented tea which contains caffeine.
Why do you use natural flavours?
In order to keep the sugar content low, we didn’t want to add too much fruit juice, so natural flavours allow us to ensure great fruity taste without too much sugar. Natural flavours are derived directly from the natural source. They are not synthetically produced.
What is Acai?
Similar to a cross between a grape and a blueberry, the açaí berry is found on palm trees in South American rainforests
Why does Kombucha only make up less than half the drink?
We brew a concentrated Kombucha base to reduce the environment impact of transporting bulk liquid between the brew house and the bottling plant.
What kind of tea is used in this drink?
Our tea is organic black tea.
Why would the bottle fizz over when I open it?
Carbonation can be affected by a number of things including temperature or agitation of the bottle.
How long can I keep this drink once I open it (Fridge & Bench)?
Once opened the Kombucha should be consumed within 2 days.
Why is Kombucha thought of as a health drink when there is sugar added?
The sugar is naturally absorbed (eaten) by the SCOBY during the fermentation process.
What is it supposed to taste like?
Kombucha naturally has a sour like taste similar to vinegar, hence the reason we add fruit juice to reduce the tartness
Is your packaging environmentally friendly?
Yes, all components of our packaging are recyclable – this includes the cap, bottle and label, so no you do not need to remove the label when disposing in your recycle bin. We are also partners in the bottle redemption schemes currently operating in SA/NT and NSW.
Is the brown bottle recyclable and if so, do I need to remove the paper label?
All components of our packaging are recyclable –cap, bottle and label, so no you do not need to remove the label.
Is it GMO free?
What are the “nasties” you refer to on your website?
The nasties we are referring to are artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
Is this safe to drink if unopened, after the best before?
Yes, the best before indicates that the product will reduce in quality after this date. It will be safe to drink but may not taste as nice and may lose some of the bubbles. Like a Juice if it tastes ‘not quite right’ then do not consume.
Can I buy bulk for my event / café etc?
Yes, please contact us via our contact us page to get a list of our preferred distributor partners.
Why is the bottle not filled to the top?
Because our Kombucha contains carbonated water the pressure within the bottle is higher than the pressure outside. If the bottle is completely filled then the pressurized carbon dioxide may break the bottle when shaken violently. So some air is left to allow the carbon dioxide to get some space by compressing the air. Thus preventing the risk of breaking the bottle.
Do I need to shake the bottle before drinking?
We do not suggest you shake the bottle but rather gently roll the bottle to mix the juice and floaty bits around
Where is the best before is located?
The best before is printed both on the neck of the bottle and also etched just under the label towards the base.