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which good earth kombucha flavour is right for you ?

good earth organic kombucha flavours

What does your choice of Kombucha say about you?

Are you so laid back that you’re practically horizontal, or the life of every party? Do you prefer to play with words or spend time in the great outdoors? What do you value and how do you like to spend your precious time on this Earth?

Whatever your personality, there’s a Good Earth Kombucha flavour that’s right for you! Let’s find out what your kombucha flavour is and what it says about you.*

Sand in your toes and salt in your hair

You’re an outdoors type who loves nothing more than a day at the beach. You’re pretty relaxed and roll with life’s punches – not much stresses you out, and you’re good at taking time for yourself to refresh and recharge. You’ve got a sweet soul with a sharp sense of humour.

Your Good Earth pick: The tropical zing of Passionfruit and Lime Organic Kombucha.

Nature loving home body

Hanging out in your garden with the sun on your back and dirt between your fingers is your idea of a day well spent. You love getting outside but also enjoy recharging at home. In the kitchen, you love experimenting with Asian flavours and exploring the world from the comfort of home.

Your Good Earth pick: Our refreshingly herbaceous Lemongrass and Ginger Organic Kombucha.

Life of the party

If there’s a party, you’re in the middle of it. You live life in full colour, with an abundance of friends and a calendar packed with social engagements. You’re quick to laugh and even quicker to love. You see the good in everyone and are always ready for a chat.

Your Good Earth pick: Sweet and fruity Pomegranate and Acai Organic Kombucha.

Tell it like it is

You value truth, honesty and knowledge above everything else. As a keen intellect, you’re quick witted and fast with clever puns and sharp retorts. But you’re always careful to make sure you are only using your powers for good and not evil. Because you know that the truth can hurt so it’s important to be careful.

Your Good Earth pick: Sharp and tart Original Organic Kombucha.

Share your thoughts

Have we hit the mark with matching your personality to your favourite Good Earth kombucha flavour? Let us know!

[*Disclaimer: Hey guys, we’re not psychologists, we’re a beverage company. It’s just a bit of fun, m’kay? You can drink whatever Good Earth Kombucha you like – we think they’re all pretty awesome!]

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