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about good earth kombucha’s organic certification

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Certified organic Good Earth Kombucha

We’re proud to say that Good Earth Kombucha is certified organic, under the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) scheme. More than just words, this certification is a guarantee that products are:

  • Cruelty free
  • Non GMO
  • Socially responsible
  • Biodiversity friendly
  • Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics.

Our certification from ACO is the mark of a genuine organic product that has been audited throughout the production chain from paddock to plate (or bottle, in our case), complying with strict standards at every step along the way.

Both the Kombucha base and SCOBY for our certified organic Kombucha are 100% organic.

Not just ticking a box

Getting organic certification for Good Earth Kombucha wasn’t just a matter of filling in a form. It’s an extremely thorough process (as it should be!) with all ingredients scrutinised by Australian Certified Organic.

For our brewer, maintaining our organic certification means that all ingredients need to be sourced to ensure valid organic status, including GMO-free, fumigation-free and irradiation-free. There’s requirements for comprehensive record keeping, to maintain Good Earth’s organic integrity.

Not just set and forget

Once a product achieves ACO certification, it doesn’t end there. Good Earth Kombucha and our supply partners are audited annually to ensure standards are being maintained and organic principles are being adhered to. Auditing can happen randomly at any time to ensure the integrity of the certification process.

What happens if we can’t source organic ingredients?

It’s not likely to happen, but sometimes product shortages do occur. And we want you to feel confident when you buy Good Earth certified organic Kombucha that you’re getting what you expect.

Under ACO regulations, non-certified ingredients are only permitted when certified ingredients are not available on the market. But even if non-certified ingredients are needed to be used, they cannot be of GMO origin, be fumigated or treated with compounds prohibited by organic standards or be irradiated. So you can rest easy that whatever you’re drinking is still free from any nasties.

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Proud to support the Australian organics industry

As a member of ACO, we’re proud to support the growth of organic products within Australia. In September 2018, Good Earth certified organic Kombucha will be included in the organic subscription box, Secrets Organic Box.

Secrets Organic Box is a household subscription that’s delivered monthly, featuring small emerging brands to expose them to customers who like to try new organic products.

Why do you choose organic?

Do you try to choose organic products? Let us know in the comments why organic products are important to you.

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