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our favourite recipes using good earth kombucha

cooking with kombucha

Cooking with kombucha

Kombucha isn’t just a healthy alternative to soft drinks. It’s also a diverse partner in the kitchen. Cooking with Kombucha can open you up to a new world of flavours and provide a different method of adding tongue-tingling acidity to your kitchen creations.

Here’s some of our favourite uses for Good Earth Kombucha in the kitchen.

Gummies: a healthy treat the kids will love

Kids love lollies. But parents don’t love the sugar, and let’s be honest, those little morsels are packed with it! The great news is that it’s super easy to make your own healthier alternative at home. Gummies look just like lollies, and are a great lunchbox treat or after-school snack.

All you need is Kombucha, a good-quality gelatin powder, and a tray or silicone moulds to put the gummies in. Optional flavourings you can add include honey or maple syrup as a sweetener, and pureed fruits – berries are especially great. Try this recipe to get you started.

Ice blocks: Low sugar treat for hot days

When the weather heats up, there’s nothing like a refreshing ice block to cool you down. Yet so many of the commercially available ice blocks are packed with sugar – and because freezing foods reduces our perception of sweetness, there’s often more sugar than if it were a liquid drink.

What’s the answer? Making your own! And ice blocks are one of the most simple treats you can make at home. All you need is some moulds and sticks (or buy a set with built-in sticks) and you’re good to go. Start with a base of your favourite Good Earth Kombucha and spike your ice block with fresh fruits and herbs for a visually stunning and delicious refreshing treat for hot days. Some of our favourite combinations are our Pomegranate and Acai kombucha with fresh berries, or Passionfruit and Lime with chunks of tropical fruit like pieces of mango. Play around and make your own new favourite!

Salad dressings: A zingy change

The best salad dressings and vinaigrettes have a backbone of acidity to provide refreshment and contrast to your salad ingredients. Traditionally, vinegar and lemon juice are used as this acidic element, but Kombucha can be a great option. Try mixing Good Earth Original Kombucha with some extra virgin olive oil, and your preferred herbs for a fresh spin on salad.

Marinade: Tenderise meat

Just like Kombucha can provide some acidic zip to your salad dressing, that same acidity can help to marinade and tenderise meat. Again, this is perfect for Good Earth Original Kombucha. Try combining two parts of Kombucha with one part of olive oil together with your preferred spice combinations and use as a marinade for your favourite meats.

Tell us your ideas for cooking with Kombucha

Are you getting creative with Kombucha? Let us know your favourite ways to use Good Earth Kombucha in the kitchen.

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