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A sweet reason to drink kombucha

Everyone knows now that too much sugar is one of the biggest health challenges of our time, with links to a raft of health problems. And one of the most serious causes of consuming excessive sugar is soft drinks.

Just one small 250 ml glass of a traditional cola soft drink contains 26.5 grams of sugar – that’s 6.75 teaspoons! But let’s be real – when was the last time you drank only 250 ml? In Australia, 600 ml bottles are regularly sold as a single serve package, taking your sugar intake in one bottle up to a staggering 16 teaspoons. Yes, that’s not a typo, 16 teaspoons. Spoon it out of a jar and you soon start to rethink that bottle, don’t you?

But on the flipside, just water alone can be boring. Even if you try to jazz it up with sliced up fruit or herbs.

In the past couple of years, there’s been a growing interest in kombucha, a tea-based fermented drink that originated in China. One of the best reasons to drink kombucha is the low sugar level. And just like all your fizzy favourites, Good Earth kombucha is conveniently available from supermarkets, convenience stores, takeaway shops and cafes.

All the fizz, none of the sugar

Kombucha’s base product is made from tea, water, SCOBY and sugar)– but following the fermentation process, very little sugar remains. The sugar gets eaten by the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast – sounds funky, we know, but it’s actually pretty cool!) and what remains is a naturally carbonated tart and refreshing drink.

Good Earth uses organic black tea as our base product, which ferments for 7 to 31 days depending on factors like the temperature and how active the SCOBY is. We carefully monitor the fermentation to make sure we strike the right balance before tart and refreshing turns into mouth-puckering sourness!

Full of flavour, straight from nature

At Good Earth, we then add natural goodness from fruits, herbs and spices to create a selection of delicious and refreshing drinks, full of flavour, but without the sugar overdose. We have four tasty options:

We use natural organic juice to flavour our kombucha from a mix of Australian and imported produce. To keep the sugar levels low, in fact they are less than 2.5g/100ml, we also use naturally derived flavours to ensure a great fruity taste without driving up the sugar content. All the produce used to make and flavour your Good Earth drinks is GMO free.

Over to you

What are your favourite reasons to drink kombucha?

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