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the skinny on sugar in good earth organic kombucha

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No sugar rush risk here, guaranteed!

It’s one of the most common questions we get about our Good Earth Organic Kombucha – “How can kombucha be a low-sugar drink when sugar is one of the main ingredients?”

We know, it’s confusing, right? Let us explain.

The magic of microbes

The base ingredients for Good Earth Kombucha are organic black tea and organic sugar. We use a mix of Australian ingredients and those sourced from overseas, but wherever the base ingredients come from, they are certified organic with a rigorous audit process.

We brew these up with filtered water and then we add the SCOBY. SCOBY is an acronym for “Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast” and if you think that sounds funky, just wait until you see one!

But the SCOBY, and the organisms it hosts, are the reason why the kombucha you end up drinking is low in sugar. As part of the fermentation process, the microbes eat up the sugar in the base tea mixture, leaving behind the refreshing tart kombucha that you know and love.

So what makes Good Earth Kombucha sweet if it’s not the sugar?

We use natural fruit juice to make our organic kombucha and provide a delicious, naturally sweet drink for you.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t use highly processed sweeteners such as stevia to sweeten our drinks. Although stevia is natural, it is highly processed and at Good Earth we prefer to add sweet flavours to our range through the fruit that we use.

Sweet dreams are made of tea

There you have it. Kombucha is a low-sugar drink that you can feel good about. It’s a great alternative to soft drinks without the health risks of excessive sugar. Our Good Earth Organic Kombucha has a refreshing and tart taste, with a range of flavours to provide natural sweetness but without the sugar rush.

So you can drink up and sleep easy, guilt-free!

Any other questions?

Anything else we can let you know about the sugar we use in Good Earth Organic Kombucha? Let us know in the comments.

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